PŁYTA GŁÓWNA INTEL S5000PSL E11027-102 s771 DDR2

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INTEL Server Board S5000PSL

  • Server Board 
  • Dimension: 13.0 inches x 12.0 inches (330.2 mm x 304.8 mm). 
  • Processors: Socket J (771-pin LGA sockets) supporting one or two Intel Xeon processors 5000 
  • sequence, with system bus speeds of 667 MHz, 1066 MHz, and 1333 MHz. 
  • Only product codes ending with an ‘R’ support 45-nm Intel Xeon Processors 5200 Series 
  • or 45-nm Intel Xeon Processors 5400 Series. 
  • Memory: Eight DIMM sockets supporting fully buffered DIMM technology (FBDIMM) memory. 
  • 240-pin DDR2-533 and DDR2-677 FBDIMMs can be used. 
  • Chipset: Intel 5000P Memory Controller Hub (Intel Server Board S5000PSL only). 
  • Intel 5000X Memory Controller Hub (Intel Server Board S5000XSL only). 
  • Intel ESB2-E I/O Controller. 
  • Add-in PCI, PCI-X, PCI Express* Card: 
  • One full-length/full-height PCI-X 64-bit slot with up to 133-MHz support when only one 
  • PCI-X slot is populated. 
  • One full-length/full-height PCI-X 64-bit slot with up to 100 MHz support. 
  • One full-length/full-height PCI Express* x8 (x4 throughput) or x8 (x8 throughput) slot.
  • One half-length/full-height PCI Express* x8 (x4 throughput) slot. 
  • Two full-length/full-height PCI Express* x16 (x8 throughput) slots. 
  • External connections: 
  • Stacked PS/2 ports for keyboard and mouse. 
  • Stacked video/DB9 serial port A connector. 
  • Two RJ-45/Two USB connectors for 10/100/1000 Mb and USB 2.0 support. 
  • One USB 2x5 pin header, which supports two USB ports. 
  • One USB port Type A connector. 
  • One DH-10 serial port B header. 
  • Six SATA-2 connectors with embedded RAID 0, 1, and 10 support. Software RAID 5 
  • support through an optional SATA Software RAID 5 Activation Key.
  • Two SATA-2 connectors and four SAS/ SATA-2 connectors with embedded RAID 0, 1, 
  • and 10 support. Software RAID 5 support through an optional SAS RAID KEY. The 
  • embedded SAS RAID supports up to eight hard drives with expander backplane. 
  • One ATA100 40-pin connector. 
  • One RMM/RMM2 connector to support the optional Intel Remote Management 
  • Module or Intel Remote Management Module 2. 
  • One I/O connector supporting an optional Intel RMM/RMM2 NIC I/O module. 
  • SSI-compliant front panel header. 
  • SSI-compliant 24-pin main power connector, supporting the ATX-12 V standard on the 
  • first 20 pins. 
  • Video: On-board ATI* ES1000 video controller with 16-MB DDR SDRAM. 
  • Hard Drive: Support for six SATA-2 hard drives. 
  • Support for four SAS/SATA-2 hard drives with non-expanded backplane. 
  • LAN: Two 10/100/1000 Intel 82563EB PHYs supporting Intel I/O Acceleration Technology.

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